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Why Set Lists?


A set list is a great memento of a night’s music. Here’s where the band decides what songs they’re going to play. 

Not all bands use ‘em, not all acts follow them slavishly - and that’s part of the fun. To see which songs made the first cut and which ones got heard.

Collecting them is fun, but sharing them is better.

The List o' Lists


All the set lists we've collected - so far! - with links to those posted in the archives.

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WhatchaGonnaPlay started before there was a web to put it on. After many years reviewing concerts and taking photos, I became fascinated by set lists and began collecting them.

The initial WGP web site was created in a now-deleted software program. Since I don't have an IT department, or minions who do my bidding, it's not possible to redo all those files, so I've archived the entire old site, which includes dozens of shows.

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